Most popular series in the world of cricket. Due to corona, no one can attend it at the stadium but betting on IPL is still running through the mobile applications. Betting is not easy, if you are new to this game, many things will take place, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win the bet. 

If we talk about the last year then the two new brands come so many of them see them on leaderboards. In 2022, as per the BCCI, no new teams will come under the IPL sessions. According to, in 2022 only eight teams will play the tournament. So these teams are as follow:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Royal challengers Bangalore
  • Kolkata Knight Riders 
  • Mumbai Indians 
  • Sunrises 

These are the list of eight teams of the IPL and you should know about some major teams before betting and also always check the ipl betting rate. 

  • MI (Mumbai Indians): if we talk about the winner of the IPL matches then Mumbai Indians is a five-time winner. It is a strong team and also has strong chemistry between the players one of them is Burmah and Pandya. So this is the best team for betting and the odds rates are also high for this team. 
  • Chennai Super Kings: This is also a three-time winner. In the last year, they unfortunately failed to win and also made a playoff in the last season. This is also or maybe Dhoni’s last IPL season. So you have to check the chemistry of the players of this team too and after it tries your luck on this team for the betting. 
  • Delhi Capital – Delhi capital is formerly known as Delhi Daredevils. At the beginning of the IPL 2020, this team was at its bottom but surprisingly finished in the third spot. If we talk about the fan favorites it takes third place. Let’s see what it will do in the IPL 2021. 

If we talk about the potential champions and finalists, you have to consider only two things. 

The first one is the overall likelihood and the second thing is the odds listed on that team. Cricket games are always unpredictable, so the bookmakers always decide the odds on the previous performance of the player, not on the winning factor. If the winning team is sure-fire then you will win low on that bet. Always remember that bookmakers always set odds on the specific money to get more money. No matter they are losing punters. So good tips can make money for you as a reward. 

Betting Options of IPL 

If you are new to betting then always look at the flexibility of betting odds, if you select the right team and win then you will get a good return. Always select the right mobile application for this process and always use bitcoin instead of your bank account as well as don’t share any kind of personal details and documents because betting is illegal in India.