Five tips that bookies don’t want you to know

Every game is full of uncertainties which brings the fun. And so, does cricket do. Each one watching the game tries to predict the outcome whether being at home or stadium or with friends. With predicting the outcome, many people start betting over the results. Betting varies its scale. It is done at home for small money or a thing, children do it for toys or food, and some just without any bait. Betting has also come to a professional turn. Professional and complete procedure betting is done in matches, where the people predicting well earn huge amounts of money while people predicting wrong lose that money. Bookies are the people organizing the bets, but they do not want you to win. Because it will gain them more money. But if you do not want to lose money, here are some pro tips that bookies do not want you to know. 

Tips to betting which will make you win 

Five tips that bookies don’t want you to know

Let’s take a tour on some tips by

  1. Game insights. this is the most crucial thing you should know before betting. Know about the game insights, how players play against a particular team, their past winning, exceptional cases like injury to any player or sudden weather change, and the complete rule book of cricket. Being completely unaware of the game can be the worst thing you can do while betting. 
  2. Be focused. the game may change at any moment, so be focused on each moment, and do not miss the importance of every moment. The cricket game takes just one ball to turn the tables over to another team. This is the foremost skill of betting. 
  3. Sit quietly. Be calm and do not bet on the days where you don’t know anything about the game. Bookies generally persuade you to bet on every day. But be aware that first watch the game and then bet. If you are completely unaware of the teams and the players playing, instead of giving money to bookies, start betting in your head, I.e. predicts a winner and stick to it. The final verdict will let you know if you were right or wrong and hence you will learn many things. Wallah, use these tricks in your next game and it will help you. 
  4. Type of match. The game cricket has its different forms like ODI, test cricket, 20-20, IPL (In India), etc. the efficiency of a player and a team changes with the type of match. So, if you trust a player or a team for 20-20, do not trust him for ODI before proper research. Know the potential of each team in each case and bet accordingly. 
  5. Pitch and weather. Pitch, weather, ground, humidity level, everything changes with change in the stadium held in different countries. Some pitches prove to be beneficial for a weak team and some for strong teams. Proper knowledge of the efficacy of a team in every pitch would make you predict better about the game. 

Cricket betting is not just betting and predicting the best team or players. It is betting over situations that change over with each game. So next time you bet, analyze everything well beforehand with the player’s strength.