When poker games were started then it was limited only up to a few limitations, like playing it only to a casino. In old times or 10 years back, people had to visit different countries to experience a good poker table. But now the time has changed and everything has now shifted from offline to online. Mostly, in poker games, there are numerous online poker sites. 

Every country is now aiming to produce their own poker site because it is giving a high economic rate to the country.  India is also one of those countries, which is working on developing more and more casino sites. Even India has already developed many casino sites, mostly in poker, and some of them are for free and it doesn’t allow you to play with real money. Whereas there are many poker sites that allow you to play with real money and win real money. 

Let’s look at a glance what online poker in India offers.

India Online site offers

After looking at the interest of people in online poker sites, India has developed many online poker sites. But interestingly, few online sites became very famous and popular, like Rummy and Poker Stars. These are few famous online poker sites of India. Indians and even foreigners also prefer Indian online sites and that’s because they have a variety in all languages. More poker sites of India could be found on poker king asia website.

Indian sites provide you games which are thrilling with great graphic designs and most importantly, they offer a game with real money. The second thing why Indian online poker is popular is because, in this country, casinos and gambling are considered as illegal. So, because of the online services, in India, the demand for online poker has increased and people are finding it more convenient to use online poker games rather than going to another state to play casino games. 

About laws of Indian casino

In India, gambling and casinos are considered illegal, and people are not allowed to play casino games anywhere in their state. This is the reason why there is no casino in any state of India, except two states, and that is Sikkim and goa. Only in these two states casinos and gambling are allowed, and for other states there are rules. 

This is the reason why India has decided to launch more and more poker sites because launching online casino sites is a profitable deal especially in the year 2020. Considering the last few years, India has worked a lot on poker online sites, and also developed online poker sites. 


Online poker sites provide you to play poker only by sitting at your place and chilling. Also, there are numerous online poker sites, including India has also developed a lot of poker sites. Now, India is considered a country that has maximum online poker sites, and along with this, it has maximum poker users too.  In this article, I have mentioned about online poker sites in India. I hope you liked this article.