Cricket fans, better to say IPL fans make a trends #boycottIPL for holding Vivo as title sponsorship. On Sunday, Indian Premier League has decided to retain all of their previous sponsorship, including the Chinese smartphone and technology company Vivo.

IPL fans make a trends #boycottIPL for holding Vivo as title sponsorship

After the clash between Indian troops and Chinese troops in Ladakh, there are lots of argument is happening until now. Indian people have created a campaign in social media as well as inroads by the procession. India government initially took against the Chinese product and service.

As per the result, India government bans more than 60 mobile apps including TikTok which was very popular in India. In this thread, Indian Premier League fans urging to boycott Vivo as well from the IPL title sponsorship. IPL board made a statement that they will review on their existing sponsorship.

In the final verdict, Indian Premier League has decided to keep their all existing sponsorship partner including Chinese company Vivo on Sunday. Vivo had got the first contact in 2016 after submitting a bid of Rs 2,199 crore over the next five years.

“All I can say is that all our sponsors are with us. Hopefully you can read between the lines,” an IPL GC member was quoted as saying by PTI.

Fans are angry on the decision

Fans are very angry on the decision over the sponsorship. They have made a trend on Twitter as well as Facebook. Created a hashtag #boycottIPL as they want to disconnect all the relationship with China whether smartphone company or mobile apps.

Here is few example: