Why Games91?

Fantasy games are known to have originated as early as the 20 th century with an idea of assuming roles of existing players playing professional sports in a virtual background. The performance of an individual playing a fantasy game is dependent on the statistical execution of the players they have assumed the role of, in actual games. Fantasy sports are usually small or large contests either played for a short or an extended period of time that can last an entire season of a tournament. 

Games91 started with their growing user’s love and support and is continuing to strive hard to do better in the online fantasy gaming industry. Games91 follows a unique DRC model – Dealer Relationship Centre model, which allows dealers to invite more people participation, allowing them to engage the latter as players of fantasy games/ sports, thereby enabling them to earn good commission rates in return. Become a dealer now and gain access to their lucrative offers. The fantasy leagues hosted by Games91 are crafted for all and offer an opportunity to simulate real life tournaments. One can choose their own team comprising of their favourite players and score big as per their performances executed in the match. 

The company chooses to provide a transparent platform to its audience assisted with a smooth and seamless interface for a rich-user experience, enabling them to compete in contests and predict the outcome of ongoing matches without a hitch. Fantasy sport-leagues available on its site, gives you a chance to own and manage your own team, socialize with other sports enthusiasts and gives you an opportunity to win big rewards with little or no investment. 

The company is a sensible bunch of responsible professionals who take safe gaming principles seriously and can assure its gamers a safe and secure environment. It has an interface enabled on its systems that do not allow under aged gamers (below 18+) to register on its website. For more information on responsible gaming and its core principles, you can visit its website. 

Upcoming Games and Existing Opportunities 

The company will soon offer a variety of skilled games for its participants to wallow in. You can access its website now to take a look at the currently available game on its site – Poker. We yearn to introduce other skilled games like Ludo, Rummy and Boxing alongside Poker, soon. You can invite your friends, pals or relatives to participate and be a part of its large family and help us grow big. Please refer your friends now and win a chance to earn a guaranteed referral bonus of upto Rs.5000. Download its app now and refer your friends and family to its site – let us grow together! 

Please check out its website, the company has a plethora of options available in its platter – Fantasy sports like Cricket, Kabaddi and Poll are now readily available for your participation. Also delve in, to its corporate fantasy sports tournament – the Pakistan Super League, choose your favourite team to play for and win exciting prizes. 

Let us connect 

You can follow us on social media through twitter and facebook handles and stay apprised with its upcoming events and news. The company tweets daily and would love to hear your feedback and share your enthusiasm and creativity. 


What more can you do at its website? You can check out live scores of ongoing matches to stay updated, and stop worrying about the ‘missed’ crucial moments of the game for the team you are rooting for. You can chat with its available agents and get assistance with every issue or problem you face on its site – the company assures you that they are equipped to diligently handle inevitable problems in the most ethical and professional way. You can take an entourage to its blogs section available on its site and enhance your knowledge base on online gaming and its core-principles. Still have questions? Please access its FAQs list to get answers to the most commonly asked questions and concerns. 

Let us all play together and earn exhilarating prizes!