What is Games91- i-Gaming

There are a large number of i-Gaming companies in India, offering players different types of either fantasy sports or skilled games. Whereas, the Indian i-Gaming company games91 provides both fantasy sports like (Cric91, Kabaddi91, and Poll91) and skilled games (Poker91 and Ludo91) to cater different online gaming tastes into a single platform. All the Indian i-Gaming companies connect directly to their players, but games91 is the only one i-Gaming company who introduced the Dealer Relationship Center (DRC) model for the first time in India in efforts to connect dealers and players into one platform. 

Who can be a dealer

Anyone can become a dealer of the i-Gaming company games91 in India and generate high commission rates. Player Sign Up Bonus, Revenue Share, Additional Real Money Players (RMPs), and Topup Cashback are the four types of commissions. The company offers a chance of generating more than Rs. 80,000 within 40 days through Player Sign Up Bonus. It also offers a chance of generating up-to 25% through Revenue Share, Additional Real Money Players (RMPs), and Topup cashback. A person has to add players to games91 after becoming a games91 dealer. Inviting people into the platform and converting them into games91 players are the ways to generate higher commission rates. 

A person needs to purchase some amounts of playing chips from the i-Gaming company games91 at the time of his/her joining. Transferring the playing chips to players as per their requests is what a dealer needs to do. A player will be mapped under the dealer nearby to his location. The task of a dealer is also to help the players mapped under him when needed. Whereas, the company offers excellent dealer support, as it provides a personal manager to each dealer. 

games91 is an Indian i-Gaming startup which came into existence in August 2019 with the aim of creating wonders in the i-Gaming industry by introducing online skilled games and fantasy sports along with the lucrative DRC model, which never have happened before in the entire history of the Indian i-Gaming world. Since its inception, the company has acquired a unique position within a short period of time by endeavouring in proceeding towards a million-dollar business. There are more than 525 registered dealers associated with the company. 

The i-Gaming company games91 provides regular payouts to its dealers, as they are paid every month. The games91 dealers are also assisted with multitudinous marketing services, which includes Television advertisement (TVC), social media, print media, and advertisement. 

As you certainly know, a colossal number of people are taking an interest in playing online games in the present world. Some of them are spending their time playing online games from their own comfort zones, whilst some of them can be from other places like trains, buses, and offices, but in their spare time. The online gaming market is upsurging as time goes by with the increasing number of online gaming enthusiasts and its popularity across the globe. 

Anyone can easily become a dealer of the i-Gaming company games91 by downloading the games91 dealer app. To download the Games91 dealer app, you have to click on the download app button that is available on the Games91 dealer’s webpage. To find the games91 dealers webpage, you have to visit the games91 website and click on “Become a Dealer.”

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