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For new players as well as for some veterans, Dream 11 can be slightly intimidating, and winning might seem difficult, thanks to the intricacies involved in the game, that we often tend to miss. However, with our list of tips in making your team, you are sure to start winning soon enough.

1). Believe in the Math:

Probabilities govern Fantasy Cricket, and obeying the very basic laws of Math goes a very long way in improving your chances of winning. Thus, anything that is line with tipping the scales of possibilities in your favour is bound to favour your odds at winning. Thus, personal taste and favouritism has little to no place in Dream 11. This would include avoiding very regular mistakes like:

  • Avoid selecting players that are your personal taste in your team as opposed to those that have been performing consistently for the last few matches.
  • Try selecting at least 1 or 2 batsmen from the top few of your team. 
  • Always create a balanced team.
  • Focus on having a decent middle and lower order that can build up an innings, instead of having big hitters with a higher propensity for losing wickets.

2). Research about pitches:

The most annoying, yet most beautiful aspects of  Dream 11 is its attention to the finest of details, such as taking into consideration factors such as pitching conditions and how the ball turns or changes pace on specific pitches where the game is being played. Thus it is vital to do your research about pitches prior to engaging in a game. The main things need to be kept in mind, such as dry pitches are better for improving the speed of deliveries, while a grassy or wet pitch promotes turn. This helps you to choose particular bowlers that might benefit you for a particular match in that stadium. Try not to be swayed by your previous knowledge of any pitch and read up on any pitch before any game whatsoever.

3). Leaders of your team:

Dream 11 uses a multiplier system for your team leaders. The Captain of the team carries a 2x multiplier and the Vice Captain, 1.5x multiplier. This means, you would want them to either be all-rounders so they engage they earn points for separate activities such as Shakib al Hasan, etc. You may even want them to be consistently big run scorers, such as Joe Root, Virat Kohli, etc.

4). Defence is never unimportant:

The irony behind playing Dream11, is how it is often more true to the principles behind which Cricket evolved as a game, as opposed to the modern super over shorter formats of the game. The problem with T20 is that it makes you believe that flooding your team with big-hitting batsmen is the key to winning easily, except that it could not be further from the truth. Keep in mind that:

  • You need good bowlers and fielders to stop the enemy onslaught and achieve a sizeable run that you can chase.
  • A good bowler who can keep the opponent batsmen in check, and in death overs, take a few good wickets when they try to break free, is a lot more useful than the average big hitter who is sure to lose his wicket in the next over.
  • Fielders and wicket keepers with a good track record, and with consistent run-outs in their last few games is sure to not just earn you a few brownie points, but go a long way in making you win.

5). Consistency over big hits:

In a battle between an Ajinkya Rahane vs a Yusuf Pathan, to find entry into your team, you may be leaning towards the latter. Who does not want those juicy sixes, that is sure to dent the opponent team. However, you need to realise that with great hits comes a greater propensity to lose a wicket. A few boundaries followed by the loss of wicket, is meaningless, especially in front of a well built and consistent innings that someone like Rahane can build up gradually over time. Not only does a batsman who is well set, predisposes to carrying out the run chase to the end or setting a huge score for the opposition, but Dream 11 also awards you brownie points for consistency.

Thus with these above tricks, winning matches in Dream 11should not be as challenging as it was before.