The interim president of the BCCI Vinod Rai clearly said, “Still 4 months to go, India’s concerns raised at ICC.”

India and Pakistan World Cup match will hold on 16 June in England as the fixture known to us. But India will not play against Pakistan.

The nation wants to boycott Pakistan from the World Cup. As per the current affairs BCCI also sent an email to International Cricket Council on this thread. Where India seeking for the ban on the county where they support terrorism, otherwise India will boycott Pakistan at the World Cup 2019.

As per the latest news of ICC dismissed the earlier appeal for banning Pakistan.

The whole nation is infuriated to our neighbors for their heinous deed in the Pulwama terror attack. In Pulwama terror attack died 40 CRPF, which is supposed to be Pakistan work.

At the last board meeting in Dubai, last week ICC rejected India’s concerns. And Vinod Rai said “Let the time come. It is still four months away. We have expressed our concerns (over security) and they (ICC) said yes, ‘security will be tightened’ and everything else,” when asked for the issue of boycotting Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup a few months later.

Vinod Rai informed that ICC is not eager to ban Pakistan from international cricket on the request of BCCI. “The letter was placed. It clearly says Pakistan. It is a process which goes slow. Have we been able to boycott any of the countries in the Security Council? The process goes on slowly. We have started a process.”

A meeting will be held with ICC chairman Shashank Manohar in Mumbai at the end of March based on the match between India and Pakistan in the World Cup 2019.

BCCI becoming World Anti Doping Agency compliant will discuss with ICC to resolved and settle the matter.

“The (ICC) Board unanimously acknowledged its desire to remain WADA compliant and committed to working in partnership with the BCCI, WADA and India NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency) to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency,” the ICC said last week