The time when the master blaster hung ups bat and boot. The Indian cricket fans were worried about, the place of him who is going to be taken? It was a tough situation which India passed. Though Sachin Tendulkar was a great player then winning ratio of team India was very poor.

It’s true and also very unexpected from two times world champion that India have just won 5 test matches in Australia before this running test series.

Virat Kohli started playing for team India in 2008 against Sri Lanka. After that, he was the most successful batsman and still now. And the truth is he changes the statistic and winning ratio of the Indian team. Apparently, Mahendra Singh was lucky to have a Virat Kohli on his team.

Why Virat Kohli is the heart of Indian team

Virat Kohli already created his fame worldwide. He also regarded as King Kohli and Chase Master. The biggest thing is he has the ability to do bat hour after hour. He is always a good example of a true leader as well as a great batsman also. Always trying to keeping him up the front of the team. And try to say the troops that follow him to get the achievement.

Sometimes many cricketers, as well as celebrities, criticize him for being a hot temper and aggressive player. But actually, the fact is he was naturally aggressive since his childhood. It is very important for the team and outsiders. But in the reality is a kind-hearted person.

Ahead of the third test against Australia in Melbourne veteran Aussie player Brad Hogg inspired by his aggression and batting performance.

“Virat Kohli is the energy of this Indian team. He is their clear leader and they feed off him. You just see him on the field – his athleticism is different and he expects that from the Indian team,” Hogg told ahead of the third test of Domain series.

“And what he expects from the team, he does as well, so it is not as if he is telling the team what to do without leading from the front. He is actually leading from the front and asking his teammates to follow him,” he added.

But people are differently sorted, everyone has their own thoughts about him. Some people are looking for criticizing him but Virat Kohli does not give a chance to them. The reality is Virat Kohli is really the heart of Indian team as Brad Hogg mentioned earlier in the Melbourne press conference.